July 5: Celebrating God & Country AND Church Barbecue

Join us Sunday, July 5, to celebrate our great God! After the service we’ll be enjoying a hamburger and hot dog barbecue provided by our church for our Fellowship Meal. Sign ups are in the Foyer for side dishes and hamburger toppings, and our Apple Pie Contest! The same Sunday we are also planning to hear from the Rowleys about their Florida Adventure and seminary, so plan to stay and enjoy the afternoon at the church.

Christmas In July!  –  Please Sign Your Name To Our Christmas Greetings

Please take a moment to sign the Christmas Notes to each missionary which are located in the Fellowship Hall.  We will be sending “Christmas in July” gifts to each of our missionaries and would like to send them personal greetings with the monetary gift.    With thanks,  Your Missions Committee


Apple Pie Contest For July 5th  –  Sign Ups In The Foyer!!

Quarterly Giving Statements Available Upon Request To The Office

Youth Group Will Be Weekly For The Next TWO Weeks!

Fellowship Meal Hosting

We are looking for people to host our Fellowship Meals. The host makes sure the plates, silverware, and napkins are out; coordinates getting the food on the table; and oversees clean-up. Sign up in the foyer!


Every Week:  180° Trans4mation – Wednesday @ 6:30p

July 5:  Celebration of God & Country w/Fellowship Meal Barbecue  –

The Rowleys will also share about their upcoming adventures!

July 12:  The Rowley’s last Sunday!

July 26:  Quarterly Business Meeting

August 2:  Fellowship Meal: Bring a main dish and a salad or dessert!

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