Meet our deacons. These men serve voluntarily for a term of three years at a time in order to assist the Pastor in his duties and to minister to the needs of the church family, the sick and needy, and those in need of church discipline, as well as maintaining the facilities of First Baptist Church.

Mark Berry

Mark Berry came to know Christ after being strongly influence by books such as Mere Christianity and The Case For Christ. After a 42-year career as a California lawyer Mark and his wife, Kathy, have moved to Cambria and FBC from Seal Beach where they both worshiped and served in their local church. Mark joins the FBC Deacon Board after having served on the Board of Directors at his previous church. Mark also serves FBC with his experience in sound technology.

Steve Brown

Steve Brown became a believer in his first month of college after following a young lady he wanted to get to know to her church. "In our College & Career group, the preaching of the young pastor and the Holy Spirit convicted me and several months later when our group leader presented the Gospel in my dorm room, I believed."  From a varied background that included electronic engineering and Director of Emergency Medical Services as well as pastoral positions, Steve has joined the ministry of FBC for the second time. Previously serving as Interim Pastor at FBC, Steve and his wife Laura Lee, a Pediatric Nurse consultant, moved from Fresno to reside in Cambria and Steve now serves on the Deacon Board and works at Hearst Castle.

Robin Wieland

Robin Wieland became a believer in 1973 after a two year search for meaning in life that included various churches and exploring Eastern religion in several countries. He and his wife, MaryAnn, moved to Cambria from Southern California where they both actively served in their church and in the outreach ministry of the Salvation Army. Robin, who has also served as an Associate Pastor at a church in Livermore, CA, where he met and married MaryAnn, now serves as a Deacon at FBC. He also plays drums on one of FBC's Worship Teams.

Phil Taves

Phil Taves and his wife, Paula, came to FBC in 1998 shortly after retiring from the San Jose Police Department. Phil testifies that Christ opened his eyes by faith in 1996, when he became a Christ follower.  At that time he and his wife began attending Calvary Church in Los Gatos where he began learning what Christianity was all about.  When Phil retired they moved to Cambria and the home they had built and began attending FBC “because of the love that came from the congregation…. the moment we came through the door.”  Having served multiple terms already, Phil’s purpose in serving on the Deacon Board is to be of service to the church.

Curt Scott

Curt Scott has attended FBC with his wife, Helen, and daughter, Madison, since 1998 and served First Baptist Church on the Deacon Board once before. Curt assists the transportation industry by the use of technology through his business, C. Patrick Corporation. Serving people is a passion of Curt's whether it is at work, at church, or at home.  He heard the Savior's call on his life at age 15 and since that time continues to grow in his love for God's Word and his desire for others to know the Word and love it, too. God has given him a creative gift in writing, especially with parodies, and many of the church family have been blessed by his good humor and love of words and music, which he shares with his daughter, Madison.  He is a great husband, dad, and friend.