Our Programs

9:00OClock Hour Small Groups

Our Sunday School hour exists for the purpose of seeing people of all ages “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18). In a day and age when so many are biblically illiterate, we want to provide our church family with a big view of God’s glory that is shown on every page of the Scriptures. We especially seek to make God’s Law clear to the younger generation, as the Law is our “tutor” (Gal. 3:24), as if pulling us by the ear to Christ, so that we may be “justified by faith”. As the adults and teens study from God’s Word together, led by table facilitators, our children gather at the Kids Table to study the same Bible passage. We use inductive Bible Study tools by asking of each passage: “What do you see?“, “What words are repeated?“, “What does this mean?“, and “How can I change in light of this text?” You may even find us using additional resources like maps, visuals, games, and re-enactments to bring the lesson alive for younger Bible students.

10:30a – Main Service

(Birth – 2 Years) – For the entirety of the service the nursery is available with qualified workers who love our children and love to serve families in this way. The worship service audio is played so that those working can hear God’s Word as they serve. We are thankful for their service to the church family.

(Age 3 – 5th Grade) – During the gathering of the saints at 10:30a – after worship in music, the Psalm reading, worship in giving, and missions spotlight – children ages 3 – 5th grade are dismissed for a Bible lesson. This is a time when the presentation of truth is catered specifically to a level that is clear and simple, yet faithfully biblical.

Our Philosophy

After prayer and discussion, the Pastors and Deacon Board have decided to have 6th graders and older in the entire worship service with the church body.

We’ve made this decision for several reasons:

  • We wish to give children a vision at an early age of being a part of the church family.
  • We want to help young children to think highly of the preaching of God’s Word. At a young age we can communicate to them that though a sermon may feel long to them, it is actually one of life’s greatest gifts to sit under the grace of preaching!

To summarize, we want children to know WE are so blessed to have them with us, and THEY are so blessed to be with us.

So, when you see a child sit under preaching, taking notes, looking engaged… or falling asleep, getting a little squirrelly, or melting down, take a moment after the service and ENCOURAGE them. Tell them we are proud of them, and are really thankful they can be with us for the sermon. Share with them something that you learned from the sermon and ask for one truth they learned. This helps train a child to love God’s Word preached, and encourages them to “make [their] ear attentive to wisdom…” (Prov. 2:2).

Praying for our young blessings,

The Deacons