These families and ministries serve in many capacities around the world and at home in the United States.  Supported in part by First Baptist Church, these men and women serve the Good Shepherd and His kingdom.

Steve & Karen Borders

Church planting among Hispanics in California

Steve and Karen Borders have been supported by FBC since 2000. After a season in Peru, the Borders moved to California to focus on church planting and gospel preaching to the large Hispanic community in our state. Most recently they planted a Hispanic church in the Newhall area which was turned over to an Hispanic pastor and administration. Currently, Steve and Karen are beginning an outreach to the Hispanic community in Vacaville, California.

John & Hortense Bullock

Retired from Bangladesh; serving from Utah

Cambria First Baptist Church has supported the Bullocks through ABWE since they were first called to  missions in 1972.  Dr. Bullock was an orthopedic surgeon in San Luis Obispo when they sold everything to move to Bangladesh where he served as a surgeon and Hortense as a teacher.  Now they live in Utah where they run an art studio/gallery,  serve the King of Kings, and help at Eagle's Nest Ranch. They continue to work as support personnel at the hospital in Bangladesh when needed.

Walter & Sharon Bush

Retired from Honduras; serving from Arizona

Walter and Sharon Bush have served in Honduras since 1962. Cambria First Baptist Church has had the honor of supporting them from the beginning of their ministry. The Bushes established five churches in the LaCieba area of Honduras during their 40-plus years of service.  Each church now has its own pastor, one of which is Walter and Sharon's son, Walter Jr.  The Bushes are now retired from full-time service and reside in Arizona.

Robert & Kim Clark & family

Serving in Manilla, Philippines

The Clarks are missionaries with ABWE serving in Manilla, Philippines. Their primary work is educating, training, and mentoring a new generation of pastors, Bible teachers, evangelists, and missionaries alongside the faculty of the Baptist Bible Seminary & Institute. The Clark's vision for this work can be summed up  "TRAINED LEADERS IN EVERY CHURCH". FBC first began supporting the Clark's for missions work in 2011 when the Lord led them to a change in their field of service.

Nancie Dellaganna

Serving in Bangladesh

Nancie Dellaganna has been supported by FBC since she left for Bangladesh in 1975. As a nurse, Nancie works at Memorial Christian Hospital as supervisor of the operating room, anesthesia services and Central Supply, covering many other bases as needed.  She also trains community health workers, works with community clinics,  mobile clinics, and midwife training.  With a lifetime of service in Bangladesh, Nancie always makes the most of every opportunity her Father gives her to serve and share His love.

Jim & Carol Garcines

Church planting among Ethnics in California

First Baptist Church of Cambria has supported the Garcines family through ABWE since 2003. They minister to the Hispanic and Philippino populations in the Sacramento and Stockton areas. Their areas of ministry are hospital chaplaincy and counselling for patients and staff.  They also minister through Bible studies for men and women in homes and at hospitals, pastoring the Filipino International Baptist Church, and serving the community.

Bruce & Margie McLain

Bruce and Margie McLain are the state representatives for the California Association of Regular Baptist  Churches and began their ministry with CARBC in January of 2015. Their purpose is to connect the  one hundred  CARBC churches in California, Oregon and Nevada to each other. They provide  information and counsel to pulpit committees and assist churches in locating pulpit supply, financial resources, or hands-on help when needs arise. They maintain the CARBC office which supports new church plants and  initiates spiritual events for the Association. They are both available for counseling and speaking engagements.

James & Coletta Morsey

Serving in Santiago, Chile

The Morseys are serving in Santiago, Chile, where they have been a part of three church plants since arriving in 1997.  Their ministry has been characterized by building relationships with neighbors through children's ministries, couples ministries, and through friendship evangelism.  Training of Chilean leaders for pastoral and missionary service has also been a hallmark of their work.  The Morseys have been supported by FBC since 1995 and are with Baptist Mid-Missions.

Pete & Mary Mothershead

Serving Worldwide in Evangelism Training

The Mothersheads have founded Balanced Evangelism, a ministry assisting pastors and equipping the saints to carry out the Great Commission. Pete's ministry includes preaching on doctrines related to evangelism, teaching on evangelism, developing and providing materials on evangelism, and discipling lay leaders to train others to evangelize.  FBC has supported Pete and Mary since 2009.

Chuck & Carrie Porter

Retired from Peru; serving in Vista, California

Chuck and Carrie Porter have been serving with ABWE and supported by FBC since 1964. They served up and down the Amazon in Peru and are now 'retired' to Vista, CA where they  continue with translation work on Bible curriculum for Spanish-speaking countries.  This curriculum is specifically designed for the training of pastors and lay leaders. The Porters are active in teaching as they lead several Bible studies with neighbors as well as teach at their church and volunteer at the local Serviceman's Center in San Diego.

Lynn Porter

Serving in Iquitos, Peru

Lynn Porter has been serving with ABWE in Peru, since 1983, following in her parents' footsteps.  FBC has supported Lynn since she began her ministry. She specializes in working with the deaf of all ages but also ministers to hearing people. She teaches Bible classes in churches, homes, and at the local Bible Institute and she is a teacher at the local school for the deaf.  Lynn visits villages along the Amazon River and its many tributaries and in the Amazon jungle to bring the deaf and their hearing families to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Shepherds Ministries

Serving Intellectually Disabled in America

Shepherds Ministries seeks to glorify  the Lord Jesus Christ by reaching people with intellectual disabilities and their families with the gospel of Jesus Christ and by supporting them to reach appropriate independence.  The mission of Shepherds is carried out through programs of residential care, a vocational center, respite care, and a day services center.  Shepherds College now offers personal and vocational training to equip disabled young adults for independent living.  FBC began supporting this ministry in 1991 and works with Shepherds Ministries representative, Donn Mogford.

Josh & Bethany Weeks

Serving to provide a Gospel witness in every language.

Josh & Bethany and their family have been training and seeking ministry and gospel sharing opportunities in Indonesia.  They are currently pursuing a team opportunity to live with and serve the Wolani people and to provide a Gospel witness in their language. They are involved in service projects, teaching English, and relationship building as they lay the groundwork for this adventure.